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About us

Industrias Quantik  is a company  that has gained experience mainly in investigation, design, development, manufacturing and marketing of equipment and instruments for bean processes, especially coffee.


This machinery is designed for threshing, transportation, toasting, grinding and packing of coffee.

Equipos industriales


Designed will all the necessary tools for small, medium or big companies that produce coffee in order to achieve high quality products.

Microfabrica y kit de laboratorio


High performance devices designed for coffee samples measurement during the coffee process to know its quality.

Equipos de laboratorio


Laboratory equipment and machinery designed for other grains different from coffee.

Accesorios para granos


Currently at Quantik we have a professional and multidisciplinary team in the areas of: Electronics, Systems and Computations, Industrial Design, Mechanical, Marketing and Foreign Trade. We have an electronic laboratory infrastructure and CAD design, reference and calibration laboratory, assembly workshop and final testing laboratory.


Management and financial software for roasting industries

Quality control data bases management software and statistics quality control for coffee labs.

Data acquisition software, monitoring, control and industrial automation.
Maintenance and repair of equipment and instruments for coffee labs.

Calibration of instruments in the areas of photometry, density, humidity and weight.

Advisory and consultancy services in design and assembly of roasting plants.

Advisory and consultancy services in design and assembly of quality control systems.

We offer training programs at Escuela Café and Coffee Lab, which have been developed with the aim of offering coaching programs and specialized laboratory testing services for coffee. This autonomous and independent laboratory allows the coffee industry potentiate their business.

We also offer our Quality Control Laboratory (LCC) which is very useful to help you understand your product. With our quality experts, you will have a guide to improve and get more information about your performance. LCC has the equipment, instruments and the most professional and complete way to provide the right solutions for your coffee business.